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Compatibility with Outlook

Microsoft Exchange is the perfect companion to Outlook® because it unlocks the personal information management (PIM) and workflow management tools that make Outlook the most-used email client.

  • Remotely manage multiple accounts

    Use Outlook to check and send email for multiple Exchange accounts, as well as Hotmail, Gmail, and more. Connect up to 10 Exchange accounts to a single user profile. Add, modify, or remove multiple Exchange accounts assigned to an Outlook profile, just like you can with other email accounts, using the Office Customization Tool (OCT).

Rackspace Email on your desktop
  • Expand contact details

    View all recent emails, meetings, and attachments for everyone in your Contact list with one click. And in Outlook 2013, the People Hub feature automatically consolidates contact information from numerous sources and displays your contacts' latest social activity. Connect with contacts from anywhere in Outlook!

  • Enjoy conversation view

    Click on a message to see the content of the most recent email in the thread and read all the way back to the first. After you send an email in Outlook, you can immediately see exactly when your email was received or opened by recipients on an Exchange mail server.

  • Get powerful scheduling tools

    See free and busy times for your invitees and resources, so you can easily schedule meetings and reserve locations and equipment. The new Group Scheduling View lets you see multiple calendars side-by-side or save frequently used groups of calendars together in one place.

  • Delegate access and folder permissions

    Outlook and Exchange Server let you give access to another Microsoft Exchange Server user, such as an Administrative Assistant, so he or she can work with your Outlook folders and send emails on your behalf. But you assign and manage the level of access, so you're always in control.

  • Sync your data

    Sometimes you need to work offline. With Outlook and Exchange Server's "chtbrkr.dll" feature, you can easily synchronize your offline and online Exchange Server folders, so you're always working with consistent, updated information. Mobile sync options offer push service to BlackBerry®, iPhone®, or Android® phones using BlackBerry (BES) or ActiveSync service.

  • Share data with public folder access

    Using public folders in Outlook and on Microsoft Exchange Servers, you can collect, organize, and share files and Outlook items with others in your organization. For example, share a contact or a task list with a specific person or an entire group.

  • View documents easily

    Web-ready document viewing lets you see email attachments, even if you don't have the installed software.

Alternative Clients

Not using Outlook?

Exchange lets you access mail through Entourage®, Thunderbird®, Mac® Mail, or any other POP or IMAP desktop software.

Get Hosted Exchange and enjoy all the features of Outlook on your desktop.