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100% production platform uptime guarantee.

Focus on your customers, not your infrastructure.

Critical Application Services advanced service level agreement provides a 100% production platform uptime guarantee and a 2x service level credit for businesses that demand the highest level of performance and uptime on critical applications and websites.

Proactively manage performance and utilization

Rackspace Critical Application Services is a turnkey solution that employs a unique combination of Application Support Engineers, deep-level performance monitoring and on-going guidance to optimize platform performance through the application and infrastructure environment. Critical Application Services allows organizations to focus on running their business while off-loading the IT intensive tasks of application setup, configuration and monitoring to Rackspace, the leaders in open cloud computing.

Take advantage of a team of Application Support Engineers

Rackspace Application Support Engineers have years of application layer and infrastructure management experience servicing multiple customer environments. They look deeper than just individual components within your infrastructure to provide a holistic view to ensure transactions are processed efficiently through your entire environment. Access to our Application Support Engineers through Critical Application Services is much more cost-efficient than hiring, onboarding, and building your own team of tech gurus. As technology changes

Critical Application Services SLA

Rackspace Critical Application Services includes infrastructure, support for the overall environment, and extensive application expertise for Magento, Oracle Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce, Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager or your custom application.

Key Features

Advanced infrastructure monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into the infrastructure layer allowing Rackspace to anticipate impending failures, bottlenecks and performance degradation.

Application performance monitoring

Enables monitoring of individual transactions throughout the application layer to alert you of potential issues impacting performance.

Advanced synthetic & static URL monitoring

Verifies that your website visitors can complete a necessary series of steps successfully and without any site errors.

Application Support Engineering

Dedicated Rackers focused on configuring, monitoring and optimizing your mission-critical environment.

"A major reason why Mazda chose Rackspace to host several of its websites and applications is most importantly for their Fanatical Support and Critical Application Services."
Jim DiMarzio, CIO, Mazda North American Operations
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