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Accelerate your DevOps transformation with help from Rackspace DevOps Professional Services

Getting started with DevOps isn't easy. It requires specialized skills and changes in organizational discipline and culture.

That's why we offer DevOps Professional Services to accelerate your DevOps journey. Get up to speed on popular configuration management tools and DevOps methodologies with the same Rackspace DevOps specialists behind our industry-leading products and our white paper library. You'll also learn the techniques behind resource provisioning, continuous integration (CI) and automated application performance monitoring.

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What is DevOps? (in simple English)

Here's how it works:

DevOps — Advisory Workshop

Deploy environment
Ideal for:

Organizations that want to deliver quality application features faster and with more agility, but have no clear path “how” to get there.

Service includes:

Collaborative workshop sessions to assess your business objectives, pain points, application architectures and organizational culture. We provide recommendations and strategic roadmaps to help you reach your aspirational states.

DevOps — On Demand

Move to the new environment
Ideal for:

Organizations that need Infrastructure automation and CICD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) flows implemented.

Service includes:

A platform and tools-agnostic offering with services available on a host of platforms (Dedicated, AWS, VMWare, Openstack, Hyper-V) using a host of technologies (Chef, Salt, DSC, Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Bamboo, etc.)

DevOps — Maintenance Plan

Leave the details to us
Ideal fo:

Organizations that need ongoing maintenance for their infrastructure automation and CICD projects, and are not interested in investing internally on that expertise.

Service includes:

Collaboration with you on changes to your environment, providing expert advice and handling  infrastructure automation and CI/CD configuration change implementations.

Use cases include:


Enforce consistency

Customers who want to enforce consistency by standardizing infrastructure provisioning and the software release process.


Deliver Application Features Faster

Customers who need the ability to deploy software features quicker with increased agility, quality and reliability.


Environment Provisioning

Customers who need to spin up an instance of their application environment for a host of reasons (dev, test, uat, performance, demo, blue/green, new region).


DR Strategy

Customers who want to save on DR costs by spinning up new, on-demand instances of their application at a DR site in accordance with their RTO.

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