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Accelerate your DevOps transformation with help from Rackspace DevOps specialists

DevOps treats infrastructure like code, so you can deliver new features to your customers more often. Instead of worrying about infrastructure readiness, you'll spend your time responding to customer feedback by delivering new application features as fast as your developers can code.

But getting started with DevOps isn't always simple. It requires specialized skills and changes in organizational discipline and culture.

That's why we offer Custom – DevOps Advisory & Professional Services with ongoing support—to get you started augmenting and accelerating your DevOps journey. With guidance from the same Rackspace DevOps specialists behind our industry-leading products and white papers, you'll quickly become familiar and get assistance with popular configuration management tools and DevOps methodologies. You'll also learn the techniques behind resource provisioning, continuous integration (CI), and automated application performance monitoring. We’re here to help you write customized configuration management code, monitor, and respond your applications 24/7 using your preferred DevOps technologies.

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What is DevOps? (in simple English)

Already started your DevOps transformation and want full management of your DevOps environments 24/7/365? Check out our DevOps Automation service level.

How we can help

Strategy Planning

  • Learn the principles, benefits, and tools behind a successful DevOps culture.
  • Discover the techniques for building modern applications that are self-healing and self-sustaining.
  • Adopt new deployment and rollback methods for provisioning cloud infrastructure.
  • Review your current build and deployment processes with our experts.
  • Develop a roadmap that outlines your goals and timelines, and defines how to integrate DevOps automation into your environment.
  • Classify applications and identify key stakeholders to help drive the adoption of DevOps practices.

Professional Services

  • We create or adapt your existing configuration management implementation to take advantage of API-driven infrastructure.
  • We create application environments that can automatically spin up and spin down based on your business needs.
  • We provide expert guidance on how to integrate public cloud and OpenStack® resources into your applications.
  • We are available for help with writing customized configuration management code:
    • Chef Cookbooks/Recipes
    • Ansible Playbooks
    • Salt Stacks

Ongoing Support

  • Customer dictated technologies inclusive of configuration management and application monitoring tooling
  • 24/7 DevOps Support to provide automated remediation based on application monitoring alerts using configuration management/orchestration tools like Chef, Ansible, and Salt.

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Having a Rackspace team that is composed of experts that know how to follow all of the best practices on server automation is going to make our environment management much, much simpler.

— Jon Hyman, CIO & Co-founder, AppBoy

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