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General features

Simplified management

Control your hosted environment through the MyRackspace® control panel. Easily create, customize, and clone virtual machines (VMs) on demand—or call our experts for assistance.

High performance

Provision VMs with up to 64 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and 1TB of virtual RAM (vRAM) for performance-hungry workloads like large databases.

Managed infrastructure

Get dedicated infrastructure—from storage, host machines, and networking through the VMware software stack. Everything is installed, configured, managed, and monitored 24x7x365 by experienced engineers.

Managed guest-OS services

We proactively support the guest-OS layer, including managed VM backups, antivirus, OS monitoring, and patching. We can also support different kinds of databases.

World-class Microsoft hosting expertise

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and four-time Hosting Partner of the Year with over a decade of Microsoft hosting experience.

Best fit for your app

For certain traditional applications, you can break the app up into its component parts and place them into a hybrid architecture. A performance-hungry database might run on a bare-metal server, connected to an app component running on VMware hypervisors. Meanwhile, the front-end web server can quickly scale out in our Public Cloud to support any unexpected spikes in demand.

Deep expertise

VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) help architect, deploy, and troubleshoot your environment, no matter how complex.

Performance statistics

Manage your virtual environment from the MyRackspace portal with statistics that make it easy to determine your available compute capacity (CPU, disk, and memory) and any compute constraints caused by resource-intensive VMs or apps. You can also call us if you need help.

Roll back easily from unexpected failures

Safely commit changes and roll back updates to your VMs by saving snapshots of your VMs before making changes.

Auto-recovery from hardware failure

Your VMs automatically reboot on an available host if the original host fails (requires multiple hosts and external storage).

Automated live migration

Increase VM availability by automatically migrating workloads without downtime (capabilities depend on the details of your configuration).

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Security & reliability

Single-tenant security

Includes the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers.

Predictable performance

Dedicated hardware resources provide consistent performance. No shared environments mean no tenancy-related performance compromises and no noisy-neighbor effect.

Reliable infrastructure

Virtual servers use VMware vSphere® 5.5 and VMware ESXi™ hypervisor architecture, which includes vSphere Fault Tolerance for high-availability configurations.

One-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee

We guarantee the functioning of all server hardware components, and will quickly replace any failed component at no cost.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Our network was designed and built for solid reliability—and we back it with our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Disaster recovery planning available

We offer a range of resiliency solutions to help protect your environments in the event of disaster or unexpected downtime.

Additional security solutions

We offer managed firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), SSL certificates, threat management, DDoS attack mitigation, and more. Learn about our security solutions.

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Popular use cases

Production applications

Lift and shift traditional applications into a securely hosted VMware environment. Server Virtualization is a perfect fit for a wide variety of workloads including: ecommerce platforms, websites, SaaS apps, ERP systems, Microsoft SharePoint® and Exchange, content management systems (CMS), and media.

Test and development

Quickly spin up and tear down test and development environments without incurring capital costs or making long-term investments.

Disaster recovery-in-the-cloud

Protect you production applications with geographic redundancy by replicating them between Rackspace data centers using Rackspace Replication Manager or Rackspace VM Replication.

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