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General features

Access to the VMware vSphere API

We expose the vSphere® API, so you can use your existing scripts and familiar tools. Keep your current processes, and leverage your staff's existing knowledge.

Managed infrastructure

Get dedicated infrastructure—from networking, servers, and storage through the complete VMware® software stack. Everything is installed, configured, managed, and monitored 24x7x365 by experienced engineers.

Deep expertise

VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) help architect, deploy, and troubleshoot your environment, no matter how complex.

Latest VMware releases

Virtual servers use VMware vSphere® 5.5 and VMware ESXi™ hypervisor architecture, which includes vSphere Fault Tolerance for high-availability configurations.

Flexible licensing

Use your own licenses, or get licenses from us. We offer guest operating system licenses (such as Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®) and select application licenses (such as Microsoft® SQL Server®). Licensing for VMware® vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS) is included.

Rapid provisioning

Use VMware vSphere Web Client to instantly provision VMs, or programmatically provision them using the vSphere API.

Migrate apps into a hybrid architecture

For those traditional apps that are a good fit, leverage a hybrid architecture to optimize performance and cost by placing the database component on a bare-metal server and then connecting your dedicated environment to the Rackspace Public Cloud for bursting in times of high demand.

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Security & reliability

Single-tenant security

Includes the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers.

Reliable infrastructure

Design a hosted environment with server, storage, and networking hardware options from trusted vendors such as Dell®, EMC®, and Cisco®.

Predictable performance

Dedicated hardware resources provide consistent performance. No shared environments mean no tenancy-related performance compromises.

One-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee

We guarantee the functioning of all server hardware components, and will quickly replace any failed component at no cost.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Our network was designed and built for solid reliability—and we back it with our robust network uptime SLA.

Additional security solutions

We offer managed firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), SSL certificates, threat management, DDoS attack mitigation, and more. Learn about our security solutions.

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Popular use cases

Disaster recovery-to-the-cloud

Replicate production workloads to Rackspace using VMware vSphere Replication or array-based replication, and manage the failover automation with VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™. You can leverage the secondary disaster recovery footprint in the Rackspace data center for test and dev.

Test and development

Quickly bring up and tear down test and development environments without incurring capital costs or making long-term investments.

Extend your geographic reach

Rackspace has data centers in Sydney, Hong Kong, London, and across the United States. Bring your services closer to your customers or offices by extending into one of our regional DCs.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Move your desktop user experience into the data center with virtualized or remote desktop for improved security, easier management, and end-user empowerment.

Production applications

Lift and shift traditional applications into a securely hosted VMware environment. Reduce your CapEx spend on infrastructure and reallocate it to strategic initiatives.

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