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MyRackspace Customer Portal

If you need support, information or the ability to self-manage aspects of your hosted environment or account, MyRackspace is where you go. Free, easy and powerful, it quickly connects you to both Rackspace and your actual environment.

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MyRackspace Customer Portal Quick Overview

Increased control through powerful self-service tools:

  • DNS Administration makes site changes more seamless
  • Firewall Control Panel allows you to set, manage and change access rules
  • Virtual Environment Management gives you increased control over your VMs (Virtual Machines)
    • Turn VMs on and off as needed to save money
    • Create and store VM templates for one-hour provisioning
    • Create and store VM copies for rapid recovery from a VM failure

Optimized for mobile access, the MyRackspace customer portal can be used to create, view, search and update tickets while you're away from your desk.

Submit, search and view your support tickets, which are delivered immediately to your dedicated Rackspace Support Team.

Bandwidth consumption and managed backup reporting provide daily updates while identifying traffic patterns and bottlenecks.

Customizable user permissions allow you to create fine-grained management of individual and group access to your hosted configuration and account.

Additional support tools and resources like our Discussion Forums, Knowledge Base Documents, Suggestion Center and Message Center enhance your Rackspace experience.

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