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There is no colo offering that promises and delivers what Managed Colocation does. Sure, a few top tier colo providers offer some of the services for an additional fee but they cannot match the expertise, around-the-clock support and industry-leading SLAs that come standard with Rackspace Managed Colocation. The fact that Managed Colocation doesn't require the massive upfront capital outlay for hardware makes it all the more appealing.

A Quick Comparison to Highlight the More Obvious Advantages

What Your Solution Delivers

Traditional Tier-1

Rackspace Managed

Comprehensive solution that manages your devices, the network and data center

World-class data centers that are highly redundant, scalable and secure

Access to data centers restricted to data center personnel only

Redundant worldwide network utilizing 5+ Tier-1 providers and high bandwidth only

Dedicated Support Team available 24x7x365 supporting you and your infrastructure

Dedicated Network Architect and Deployment Engineer for planning and managing your growth

No hidden nickel-and-dime charges for cross connects and overages

Hardware-as-a-service approach meaning no large capital investment for components

Management of the entire hardware lifecycle from vendor negotiations to disposal

Remote access to administer and control your hardware and OS

24x7x365 on-site remote hands providing expert support when you need it

100% Network Uptime Guarantee for your footprint

100% Critical Infrastructure Guarantee

1-hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee

Professional Services providing additional expertise for your environment, just in case you need it

The Fanatical Support Promise committed to delivering no-excuses, no-exceptions support

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