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The Next Solve Strategy Session Is… Data Modernization

Find out how to modernize your data, to serve evolving customers with emerging tech.

Rackspace Technology Staff - Solve / Rackspace Technology

Rather than remain reactive to technology, you need to proactively examine how new technologies affect your business model and shift to survive.

In our next Solve Strategy session on April 6th, Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of Kaleido Insights & Catalyst Companies, presents a keynote talk on adapting your business model and data strategy to evolving customers and emerging tech.

Jeremiah will discuss:

  • The key technology movements currently impacting consumer behaviors
  • Best practices for adapting business models in line with technology
  • How data can be used to anticipate what customers need
  • Building data pipelines to maximize insights

Following Jeremiah’s presentation, he will be joined by an expert panel to dig deeper into the topic.

Guest Speaker:

Jeremiah Owyang – Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder of Kaleido Insights & Catalyst Companies


Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology


Nihar Gupta, General Manager, Data Services, Rackspace Technology

Juan Riojas, Chief Data Officer, Rackspace Technology

Bruno Aziza, Head of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud

Register here for this virtual event.

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