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WIT: Female Leadership Across the Tech Industry

Our host, Jeff DeVerter, is joined by Becky Trevino, VP, Product Marketing and Operations, Snow Software, who will share what it means to be a female in leadership in the tech industry and so much more!


Our Featured Guest 

Becky Trevino  |  VP, Product Marketing and Operations, Snow Software

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Our Discussion + Resources

This week in Cloud

  1. In an evolving cloud world, Azure passes AWS | InfoWorld 
  2. Cloud Security Alliance Sets Countdown Clock to Quantum ( 

AWS Releases

  1. Amazon ECS Update Service API now supports updating Elastic Load Balancers, Service Registries, Tag Propagation, and ECS Managed Tags 

Azure Releases

  1. Generally available: Azure Chaos Studio Key Vault and Classic Cloud Services faults | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure 

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Jeff DeVerter

Chief Technical Evangelist

Jeff DeVerter

Jeff has 25 years of experience in IT and technology, and has worked at Rackspace Technology for over 10 years. Jeff is a proven strategic leader who has helped companies like American Express, Ralph Lauren, and Thompson Reuters create and execute against multi-year digital transformation strategies. During his time at Rackspace Technology, Jeff has launched and managed many of the products and services that Rackspace Technology offers, as well as supporting merger and acquisition activities to enhance those offerings. Jeff is the father of two young men and husband to his wife Michelle of 27 years. When not at Rackspace Technology or around San Antonio, you can find Jeff doing land restoration on his ranch in the Texas hill country.

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