Modernization at Scale

Modernize technology, operations and development workflows across your entire application portfolio.

Gain the full benefits of the cloud by modernizing software architectures, delivery and infrastructure operations. When you choose Modernization at Scale services, we’ll assess your applications and infrastructure in the context of your business goals and your team’s strengths to determine which combination of cloud technologies and architectural patterns fit your long-term roadmap. Your modernization solution may include:


  • Serverless: We’ll build self-healing, auto-scaling, serverless applications that are unchained from the limitations of servers.
  • Containers: When serverless isn’t an option, containers are the preference for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require minimal changes to your application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when significant refactoring isn’t appropriate.
  • Cloud-native replatforming: Incrementally modernize your application by adopting managed platform services as drop-in replacements for databases, messaging, API management, logging, monitoring, alerting and more.

How it works

Pilot project: Following the adage of “think big, start small”, we’ll start your modernization efforts with a pilot project that focuses on defining repeatable patterns, enabling rapid delivery and demonstrating business value. Through hands-on work, our teams will continue to refine the architecture and processes that enables large scale modernization of your portfolio.

Large scale modernization: Building on the momentum from the pilot project, our team will consolidate best practices into a foundational platform that enables building, deploying and operating modern applications at scale. Our delivery process prioritizes agility and transparency, enabling your teams through our “do-with” development approach. 


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