JobTarget improves online job searches for millions of job seekers with AWS.

This job-search provider has focused on optimizing the customer experience for employers and job seekers, resulting in 100% growth in 2021 and 2022, and the need for public cloud.

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Scaling the company and its offerings to ensure that users are getting the best experience possible.

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Our customer

JobTarget recruitment solutions help Fortune 1000 companies, recruitment agencies and small businesses improve the recruiting process. This rapidly growing company appeals to recruiters because of its easy integration with recruiter-side hiring platforms, and the ease with which recruiters can post jobs and retrieve the relevant information that aids in finding suitable candidates. Users can streamline recruitment processes through JobTarget's access to 25,000 job boards and integrations with leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers.

The platform enables recruiters and hiring managers to execute their recruiting strategies and collaborate efficiently to fill vacancies. The JobTarget platform has a global reach, offering sourcing and recruitment as well as data and analytics.

“To become cloud native, you have to rethink your entire software development strategy,” said Oreta. “The team at Rackspace did a very good job of mentoring and teaching us. They could have just told JobTarget what to do, but the Rackspace team really went above and beyond by teaching us why — teaching us how to fish so that we could adopt cloud native on our own going forward.”
Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer, JobTarget

The obstacles they faced

Over the past decade, JobTarget has developed multiple products using a single C# code base and a Microsoft SQL database with 800+ tables and over 1,500 stored procedures.

The next logical step to maintain performance and allow for growth was a move to the cloud. But when JobTarget started building on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it was quickly met with complexities that could slow or delay its migration. “AWS brought Rackspace to our attention based on what we needed,” said Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer at JobTarget. “They thought Rackspace would be a great fit because of the skill of the team and the different technologies we’d be interacting with. And Rackspace has been a great partner.”

After consulting with the JobTarget team, Rackspace Technology™ identified gaps and opportunities and provided recommendations built on AWS best practices, account strategy, DevOps, pipeline structure, application architecture and database architecture.

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“One of the main reasons that I love working at JobTarget is we touch a lot of people's lives; we help people find the right job. With Rackspace and some of these new technologies, we're hoping to make it a lot easier for people to find jobs and be more successful in their own lives.”

Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer, JobTarget
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How we helped

The solution was to build a scalable AWS infrastructure, application architecture and database for JobTarget, with an emphasis on high availability, scalability, performance, security and cost-effectiveness as key metrics for the future.

During the transition, JobTarget’s business grew 100% in 2021, and then doubled again in 2022. “Throughout this wildfire growth, we were able to conduct our application modernization initiatives and perform the migration at the same time,” said Oreta. “It happened because the Rackspace team was able to pivot with us. They took our quickly evolving environment in stride, and helped us a lot.”

With the assistance of Rackspace Technology, JobTarget was able to:

  • Design and develop a new, modernized application and database architecture to take advantage of AWS serverless best practices
  • Use domain-driven design (DDD) and EventStorming  to create a new, event-driven architecture capable of consuming the largest database resources
  • Migrate existing services and set up new services that aren’t dependent on the main Microsoft SQL database
  • Provide guidance on AWS account structure, DevOps, pipeline structure and AWS best practices that enable JobTarget to build on AWS

The Rackspace Technology team also advised JobTarget how to go about breaking apart its monolithic application. One recommendation resulted in more than 35 AWS accounts being created with AWS Control Tower to help ensure consistency and enable new teams to be created and work independently. Previously, JobTarget had just five code pipelines.

“When you have a large, monolithic legacy database, a lot of routines need to be run nightly and monthly to get analytics and data,” said Oreta. “With this event-based system that the Rackspace team helped us design, we are now able to get that data with events in near real-time.”

What we achieved together

Oreta’s team is now running its migration, IT strategy and operations while maintaining a fruitful relationship with Rackspace Technology. Its infrastructure has greater flexibility, costs have decreased, and the team has easy access to AWS expertise when it needs it. “During all this rapid growth, we were able to conduct both an application modernization initiative and a cloud migration,” said Oreta.

JobTarget now can accommodate its rapid growth, pursue innovation and bring new features and products to market quicker than before. Real-time data processing on an event-driven architecture has created new opportunities to enhance existing data analytics capabilities.

  • JobTarget went from monthly code deployments that required downtime to 8-10 daily deployments with zero downtime.
  • In addition, JobTarget created two new products using the new flexible architecture and team structure.
  • The new architecture allowed JobTarget to grow from four product teams to 15 teams, including a new team dedicated to innovation.

“With the new domain-driven architecture and AWS's serverless architecture, now instead of features taking us six to eight weeks, we can launch them within a week, from start to finish,” said Oreta.

Reporting accelerated from weekly and monthly cycles to near real time data streams. JobTarget’s new architecture design is easier to understand and promotes better alignment between business and development teams. This new event-driven architecture helps mitigate concerns regarding application performance during peak traffic time.

JobTarget’s migration helped to increase its own internal AWS expertise. The company recently launched two new products,  and daily code deployments are helping JobTarget to rapidly adapt to market changes.

“Rackspace has been an amazing partner in that it helps us get the most out of our AWS investment,” said Oreta. “They help us choose the right technologies and, with their expertise, we get it right the first time.”

Über Rackspace Technology

Wir von Rackspace Technology sind die Experten für Multicloud-Lösungen. Wir erstellen durch die Kombination unserer Expertise mit den weltweit führenden Technologien lückenlose Lösungen und berücksichtigen dabei Anwendungen, Daten und Security. Wir verfügen über eine nachweisbare Erfolgsbilanz bei der Beratung von Kunden zu ihren individuellen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen. Wir entwerfen, erstellen und verwalten skalierbare Lösungen und optimieren die Rendite mit Blick auf die Zukunft.

Als bahnbrechender globaler Multicloud-Technologieanbieter stellen wir Ihnen die innovativen Fähigkeiten der Cloud zur Verfügung, um Kunden beim Erschließen neuer Umsatzquellen, der Effizienzsteigerung sowie der Schaffung beeindruckender Erlebnisse zu unterstützen. Wir zählen Jahr für Jahr laut Fortune, Forbes und Glassdoor zu den besten Arbeitgebern und fördern erstklassige Talente. So profitieren unsere Kunden von konkurrenzlos guter Expertise. Die Grundlage unseres gesamten Handelns bildet unser unermüdlicher Einsatz für den Erfolg unserer Kunden – unsere Fanatical Experience™. Wir sorgen dafür, dass unsere Kunden schneller und intelligenter arbeiten können und stets einen Schritt voraus bleiben.


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