Security Awareness Recommendation

by Karen O'Reilly-Smith, Chief Security Officer, Rackspace Technology

Our Global Enterprise Security teams are seeing an increased threat for phishing and social engineering attempts by external parties attempting to impersonate Rackspace or Rackspace customers. These attempts may be conducted via emails, chat, SMS (texts) and/or phone calls.   

We suggest customers follow standard verification procedures and remain vigilant when receiving communications. If you receive an email or other communication you were not expecting or you feel may be suspect, contact the legitimate sender to confirm that the communication is legitimate.        

Why Should You Be Concerned?   

The implications of the threat could be far-reaching, from identity theft to unauthorized access to your personal and work-related information.     

How Can You Stay Safe?   

Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your organization:  

  • Always Verify the Source: Ensure the communication comes from a trusted and reputable source. If in doubt, do not respond to the request.  
  • Inspect URLs: Double-check URLs before proceeding if the communication leads to a website. Look for signs of suspicious or misspelled domains.  
  • Verify the Sending Address: Pay close attention to the address from which the communication was received, not just the display name. Cybercriminals often spoof names to appear legitimate.  

If you believe you have been compromised, please contact your internal security team or your Rackspace Support team.  

Additional Information is available at: Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks | CISA 

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