Five Future Cloud Trends You Need to Know About Today: 24/7 Global Workplace

By kacelacombe -

Five Future Cloud Trends You Need to Know About Today: 24/7 Global Workplace

If you've ever been on a conference call where half of the participants are working when it's dark outside, you may have realized the 24/7 global workplace is here.

Some are working because where they are, the sun hasn’t risen yet; others because it just set. Technology has removed location restrictions and has opened up enough possibilities to allow us to have a truly global workforce.

Companies are continuing to reshape how they do business and how they empower the workplace. A big part of making businesses more dynamic and your workforce more flexible, is evolving into a global workforce. This ranges from expanding a business with availability in growing economies, and also hiring top tier talent without geographical restrictions.

Office 365 empowers businesses to work securely and confidently from anywhere at any time. With a range of plans to fit your business needs, your global workplace will have access to productivity tools, our uptime guarantee and a real person available on chat or phone around the clock.

IT emergencies don’t go to bed at night when you do, and in a global market, neither do your clients. In today’s IT environment, businesses need access to their productivity tools around the clock and around the world. With Fanatical Support for Office 365, you get the business class email you need and the 24x7x365 Support you deserve.

Previously, we featured the ever-growing demand for mobility. Here is the second future trend you need to know about — the 24/7 global workplace:

Next up we're going to look at ways the “who” of the workplace has changed and how the workplace around them is changing to match the way millennials work. Stay tuned!

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