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The 2024 Global AI Report

Learn how AI is influencing strategy, investments, hiring and more in 2024. Download the report to explore key findings and emerging trends.

AI is ushering in significant transformation across industries while reshaping the way businesses operate, interact with customers and compete in the marketplace. While the popularity of AI is reminiscent of past technological shifts, this transformation is characterized by its blistering pace, which far exceeds the historic timelines we’ve associated with other large industry shifts.

The early stages of this transformation highlight its complexity, as organizations try to harness the potential of generative AI while aligning its use with organizational goals and integrating it into their technology portfolios.

The release of our 2024 Global AI Report, "The Impact of AI on Business: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities", marks a pivotal moment in understanding the evolving landscape of an AI-driven business. Drawing from a global survey of over 1,400 IT decision-makers, the report offers insights into how generative AI is influencing investment priorities, creating challenges and opening the door to new opportunities.

Commissioned by Rackspace Technology and sponsored by AWS, Coleman Parkes Research conducted a survey in January and February of 2024 among IT decision-makers from various industry verticals, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel, and government and healthcare, across the Americas, Asia and EMEA regions. This report documents their survey responses.

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