Weighing in on Today’s Cloud Ecosystems

Webinar Series: All-Cloud Smackdown

To take your customer experience to the next level, you need a winning cloud strategy. One that sets you apart from your challengers. But where should you begin?

Join our experts as they go head-to-head, comparing and contrasting today’s technology ecosystems. In our webinar series, “All-Cloud Smackdown,” it’s public vs. private vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure — vying for the title of “your best-fit infrastructure.”

Then we’ll dive deep into today’s leading cloud platforms, where you’ll have a front-row seat to expert-led exchanges around AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

Webinar Topics

Webinar: App Modernization with Rackspace and Azure Kubernetes Service

This webinar provides an overview of the Azure Kubernetes Service, a preview of the different management tiers required to run AKS, including a Kubernetes-as-a- Service (KaaS) offering and a custom DevOps service to modernize your applications and a look at how we can leverage existing services to provide help where you need it most.

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