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Rackspace Technology bietet eine Reihe von Services an, die die Art und Weise, wie Automobilunternehmen arbeiten, revolutionieren sollen. Von der Pflege der Kundenbindung und der Steigerung des Engagements bis hin zur Unterstützung der Produktentwicklung und der Verbesserung der Fertigung unterstützen wir die Automobilhersteller bei der Förderung von Innovation und Wachstum.

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Cultivate customer loyalty and engagement by delivering unique customer experiences, targeted marketing content and personalized digital experiences built on real-time data analytics.


The market already provides robust CPaaS services, but customers often lack full integration of these services due to gaps in data accessibility. We’ve built solutions that open isolated data sources for short-term improvement and allow seamless integration without customization on the CPaaS or CRM side.

Car configurator

We collaborated with a renowned sports car manufacturer to modernize its on-premises car configurator tools for the cloud, and simplified the system while enhancing flexibility by using single services for each issue. For another client, we fully transitioned their car configurators to the cloud, cutting costs by 40% and further increasing adaptability.

Customer data lake

Customer data, which is often siloed in platforms like SAP, can be efficiently integrated through a new data lake within your data mesh to simplify scalability and format compatibility.


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Improve manufacturing operations and overall equipment effectiveness by making real-time decisions based on data captured from the shop floor.

Business-monitoring improvement

Manufacturers are leveraging vast data from shop floor equipment to build applications. We can upgrade your applications for comprehensive business monitoring, offering deeper operational insights and continuous optimization based on business metrics.

Shop floor data integration

We created a cloud-based shop floor integration capable of handling 1,000 daily messages and supporting MQTT and OPC UA protocols, designed for reliable, low-dependency data processing and rapid adaptation to new use cases.

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Accelerate the pace of innovation through better collaboration and scalable product engineering solutions that can generate the dynamic features tomorrow’s market will demand.

Part lists

We addressed the complex task of tracking parts across car models by redesigning an SAP application for the cloud on AWS, greatly aiding automotive stakeholders by enhancing adaptability and handling complexity more efficiently.

Dynamic rendering farm

Do you find yourself waiting all day for rendering jobs to finish? We developed an AWS solution that dynamically scales Autodesk VRED rendering instances, providing on-demand rendering power and cost savings by removing instances post-job completion.

Sustainability platform

At the operational phase, there are data transparency needs related to automotive emissions. However, the development and production phases often involve proprietary information. We're developing solutions to provide parts owners with relevant emissions data and innovative ways to reduce emissions.

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„Unser Team wusste nicht wirklich viel über serverlose Implementierungen. [Rackspace Technology] brachte das Wissen mit, das wir nicht hatten. Sie waren während des gesamten Entwicklungsprozesses tief integriert. Es fühlte sich an wie ein Team, das gemeinsam an der Implementierung dieser neuen Fähigkeit für Spireon arbeitete.“

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