Expand Your Portfolio by Selling Rackspace Email

Rackspace Email Reseller Program

Your customers expect a business-class email solution to be included with their hosting package. But hosting email can be time consuming and difficult for your business. In-house solutions are often overwhelmed by spam and virus issues that can cost your support team countless hours of troubleshooting and negatively affect your overall profitability.

Choosing Rackspace as your partner allows you to offer customers an email solution that’s profitable and protective of your resources, so you can regain focus on your core business. Speak to an Email Reseller Specialist directly or download our Guide to Reselling Rackspace Email to learn about our reseller program, pricing and products, as well as our deep discounts.

Benefits of Offering Rackspace Hosted Email

Expand Your Portfolio

Diversifying with hosted email can attract new customers and increase revenue from existing ones.

Create Stickier Customers

The more services subscribers buy, the less likely they are to leave — making hosted email a way to keep them longer.

Achieve a Competitive Edge

Adding email can differentiate your solutions from those of your competitors, or at least level the playing field.

Gain a Marketing Advantage

Adding hosted email gives you access to customer email addresses for marketing your core services.

Add Real Value

Offer hosted email as an added value at no charge or include it in your core service bundle to incentivize sales.

Increase Revenue

Adding hosted email offers the opportunity for another monthly recurring revenue stream.

Offer Email Plans Built for Business

Rackspace Email

Add reliable, business-class email that fits all your customers — from large ISPs to small web design shops. Available with add-on options for Cloud Drive and Mobile Sync.

Rackspace Email Plus

Get everything Rackspace Email has to offer, plus an online file storage and sharing solution that gives users anytime-anywhere access to their important files.

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