Cloud for Customer integration with Outlook

by Rackspace Technical Staff


This blog covers the Outlook add-in feature and discusses step-by-step instructions to integrate Outlook with C4C. The add-in is available in the download link of the C4C application.

SAP© Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud-based solution for effectively managing customer sales, customer service, marketing activities, and customer relationships. SAP C4C is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sales and services.

C4C includes out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft© Outlook©, which helps business users to manage contacts and email activities
to synchronize from Outlook.

Note: This add-in is available for the Outlook client only. Default add-ins are available in C4C, based on the client's requirements.

Prerequisite: Fine-tune configuration

Before we enable the Outlook integration, we need to fine-tune the business configuration by executing the following steps:

1. Go to Business Configuration>Implementation Projects>Open Activity List.
2. Select the Fine-Tune tab.
3. Add Activities to the solution as shown in the following image:

c4c pic 1

 Install the C4C Outlook add-in 

To integrate C4C with Outlook, perform the following steps:

1.    Close Outlook.
2.  Login into C4C and navigate to Downloads.
3.    Click Add-in for Microsoft Outlook as shown in the following image:

c4c pic 2

After the successful installation of the Outlook add-in, the following tabs are available in the toolbars for each activity type: 

c4c pic 3

Perform the following steps to enable the Outlook integration features:

1. Choose Tools>Trust Center and select Add-Ins from left-hand panel.
2. Select SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.
3. Select Manage: Disabled Items and click Go.
4. Ensure that you enable any disabled items. 

c4c pic 4

Log on to C4C to provide the URL and user credentials in the pop-up window as shown in the following image: 

c4c pic 5

To activate the business object synchronization functionality, select View SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer as shown in the following image: 

c4c pic 6

 Select Settings from the Outlook menu bar to select the data to synchronize with C4C. The settings are shown in the following image: 

c4c pic 7

Select Download Contacts to download and synchronize contacts between C4C and Outlook. 

 Select Advanced Settings>Activity to synchronize activities, leads, and opportunities.

 The C4C Outlook add-in synchronization functionality
The C4C Outlook add-in provides the Add E-mail button, as shown in the following image, so you can synchronize inbound emails to C4C. By using this function, you can track email as business activities, generate reports, and possibly identify new business opportunities.

c4c pic 8

Similarly, the add-in enables you to add appointments, tasks, and contacts as shown in the following images: 

c4c pic 9
c4c pic 10


c4c pic 11

To download and activate automatic synchronization of contacts between Outlook and C4C, choose Tools > SAP Cloud for Customer Add-In Settings in Outlook and check the options as shown in the following image:

c4c pic 12

 You can select the following business object types for automatic synchronization::

  •   Opportunities
  •   Leads
  •  Activities
  •  Campaigns
  •  Sales Quotes
  •   E-mails
  •   Appointments
  •  Tasks
  •  Contacts

The add-in also provides the Save and Send email to Hybris C4C button in Outlook for sending email and for creating new contacts. You can choose an account to associate with email and contacts when you synchronize the data with C4C.


The C4C Outlook integration provides a quick view of sales information like opportunities and associated activities. It enables customers to link e-mail conversations, contacts, appointments, tasks, and visits in Outlook and to synchronize data with C4C.

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