Cloud Financial Assessment Beyond Cost Savings

Uncover cost drivers across applications and business units to craft informed cloud strategies.

In today's business landscape, organisations strive to optimise the efficient utilisation of their cloud platforms to achieve better outcomes. However, challenges such as higher inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and predictions of a global economic slowdown have prompted business leaders to focus on reducing costs while simultaneously enhancing their products to maintain competitiveness. Sound Cloud Financial Management (CFM) practices will foster a culture focused on savings within your organisation, empowering you to invest in more useful technology consulting and services to drive further innovation in your business.

Rackspace Technology is selected as a trusted AWS partner to conduct CFM Assessment. To assist you in understanding and adopting CFM practices, we are offering a comprehensive Free CFM Assessment to evaluate your company's maturity across four CFM pillars:

1. Cost Optimisation

2. Planning and Forecasting

3. Cloud Financial Operations

4. Measurement and Accountability

Our complimentary 3-hour workshop delivers an analysis and recommendations report with a 30-minute presentation on the findings to provide benchmark comparative data on your maturity of Cloud Financial Management, enabling you to identify cost optimisation areas and redirect resources to strategic initiatives.

Reach out now to gain insights into your current standing and CFM maturity.


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