Cloud Adoption: The Metamorphosis of Your Business

by Nic du Feu, Corporate Marketing Manager, Rackspace Technology



Cloud adoption offers organizations an opportunity to metamorphosize into a modern and more competitive entity. At Rackspace Technology, we specialize in helping businesses adopt cloud technology and working practices so they can fulfil their vision and achieve their goals. What our customers desire for their future, and what they aspire to be, drives our mission to help them embrace technology to empower them to deliver that future. This is what underpins our customer-first, cloud-first approach to service delivery.

That’s why we like to help our customers through a journey of cloud assessment and transformation then into management and optimization of a new enhanced production environment. In this blog, we’ll focus in on the transformation phase and consider four crucial aspects: applications, data, cloud infrastructure and security.

What’s at the heart of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is so much more than merely the adoption of a new technology such as cloud. It’s about rewiring the business so that it becomes more flexible and agile and better able to compete in a modern, hypercompetitive world. To do this, the systems that bind the business together need to be flexible and scalable — and of course, this is where cloud technology comes into its own.

At the heart of transformation are two items that are often forgotten amid all the excitement: applications and data. These are the technologies that define how a company operates, and that benefit greatly when operating in the cloud.

So, in developing a transformation strategy that employs cloud technology, you really need to start with a solid understanding of your business processes, and the applications and data that support them. Then, depending on your target business outcomes, you need to determine how those processes and supporting applications and data must change in order to deliver on your goals.

Guided by our customer-first, cloud-first approach to service delivery, Rackspace Technology will advise you and help you develop your digital transformation strategy and roadmap to the future. Then it’s into the execution phase – transformation — for which we offer a portfolio of solutions and services across the four pillars of applications, data, infrastructure and security.

What most transformation roadmaps reveal is that there is rarely a single approach to transformation and the adoption of cloud technology. Most likely, an early analysis will reveal that:

  • Some applications can easily be shifted into the cloud, whereas others will require major adaptation, and some may need to be replaced.
  • Some applications will be best suited to one type of cloud infrastructure, whereas others are best run on another type.
  • New data-related technologies may be needed to access greater business value.
  • New privacy, compliance and security workflows and tools will likely be needed.
  • New development processes will be required to get the best out of the new environment.

All this adds up to mean that no two transformations are exactly the same and, consequently, Rackspace Technology addresses these challenges through its wide portfolio of services and solutions across the core pillars of applications, data, infrastructure and security.

Transformation Challenges

Of course, no plans should be set in concrete, and it’s natural for previous unknowns to reveal themselves during the course of your transformation journey. However, our portfolio of professional service offerings and the capabilities of Rackspace Elastic Engineering help ensure that we can deliver the outcomes you need through the transition process.

By selecting Rackspace Technology as their preferred transformation partner, customers in more than 120 countries rely on our experience and expertise in migrating and modernizing workloads every day across private and public cloud solutions — including all major hyperscale public cloud providers. Most importantly, our customers have a partner who also has experience and expertise across major applications such as ERP and CRM, experience of modernizing data architectures and applying AI, as well as a partner who can modernize and enhance their security posture. Rackspace Technology delivers the outcomes our customers want.

At the end of the day, successful cloud adoption and utilization is born out of a successful program of change — a transformation. The business infrastructure of all but the youngest and smallest organizations is complex, and transforming to attain new business objectives requires the collaboration among specialized skill sets that only the largest businesses typically have in-house. Most companies will need to turn to partners to fulfil their needs, and in many cases, they may require multiple partners in order to address the needs of their full technology stack.

Rackspace Technology offers organizations that are undertaking transformation projects the multicloud expertise they need for support of the world’s best technologies — all so that they can grow their business, increase efficiency and deliver the future.

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