Taylor Bird

taylor bird

Taylor Bird

VP of AWS Products and Services

Onica, a Rackspace company

As VP of AWS Products and Services for Onica, a Rackspace company, Taylor Bird oversees Onica’s technical product strategies and portfolio of services and offerings, focused on combining the unmatched skillsets of Onica’s team members into service approaches that help customers fully realize the benefits of the cloud. Taylor brings nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise IT systems, distributed systems architecture, and software engineering,  with nearly a decade focusing exclusively on public cloud technology. Taylor helps ensure Onica’s collection of services and focus areas continually balance the evolving needs of customers with the cloud-native tenets at the core of Onica’s mission.

Taylor additionally oversees delivery integration efforts, platform and tooling development, as well as technical learning & training initiatives. Taylor holds a B.S. in IT Management from Christian Brothers University.

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