DBA Expertise for Your Entire Project Lifecycle

We Offer Two Levels of Service Based on Your Business Needs:


We handle the day-to-day care and feeding of your database platform, performing standard maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting, so your team can focus on your business applications.

Flat monthly fee
(Includes 12 hours of service/month)


+ $175/server/mo


You get all the features of DBAdministrator, plus advanced design, architecture, and planning services to help ensure your databases run at peak efficiency.

Flat monthly fee
(Includes 24 hours of service/month)


+ $600/server/mo

Put our DBAs to work for you.

Key Features

General DBAdministrator DBArchitect
Best practice guidelines

Our in-house DBAs provide guidelines for the design and use of supported database technologies (MySQL, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server®).


Get access to our Knowledgebase—a wealth of useful technical information for the Rackspace community.

Community support

Our community platforms (such as Rackspace Support Network provide places where customers and Rackers can share information, ask questions, troubleshoot, and actively discuss and help refine our service offerings.

Supplier escalation

Where Rackspace owns the support contract, Rackers may escalate to certain suppliers or open source communities on your behalf to try to resolve issues outside of Rackspace control, such as bug fix requests.

General consultations

We will attempt to answer any question that you may have about any of the database architectures or platforms that we support.

Architecture review

Our team will review the systems architecture that supports your database. When necessary, additional engineers may be engaged to facilitate the review process.

Partner engagement

If we can't do it, we can help you find a partner who may be able to assist. (Additional service or license fees may apply.)

Administration & Monitoring DBAdministrator DBArchitect
User administration

We assist with the creation and management of the user accounts for your database application.

Security administration

We help configure user access controls and privileges based on your security needs.

Database export and import

We can load your data into our managed databases from data archives that you provide locally—or make local exports of your data for you.

Database health monitoring

Our database monitoring tools will monitor the general health of your system and provide alerts for Rackspace to resolve.

Architecture support

The database is normally one component of a much larger application architecture. Our DBA team provides guidance to your subject matter experts to ensure your database supports the needs of the entire architecture.

Architecture design

Our DBAs will help advise you on how to design new database system architectures as your needs change over time.

Advanced infrastructure monitoring

DBArchitect customers gain access to Advanced Infrastructure Monitoring tools to provide greater insight into the health of the network equipment supporting the database servers in your environment.

Data Resiliency DBAdministrator DBArchitect
Database setup and configuration

We will install and configure your database to standard specifications and then customize settings to suit your requirements.

Oracle cluster setup and configuration

Our Oracle DBAs are deeply involved at all phases of Oracle clustering and RAC setup. (Additional license fees may be required for RAC.)

Mirroring and log shipping

We will configure multiple database for mirroring and/or log shipping as required by your database architecture needs.

Defined maintenance operations

DBA Services customers receive a standard, defined set of maintenance operations on their environments. The current list of supported tasks can be found at DBA Services Spheres of Support.

Failover management and recovery

Where high-availability and disaster response solutions are deployed, we help manage switchover during failure and test events.

Local and managed backups and restores

We work with storage and backup engineers to configure and manage supported native backup technologies and our Managed Backup Database Agents.

Customized maintenance plans

We will develop individualized maintenance plans for one-time and/or complex maintenance events for your database related systems (for example, data migrations, OS upgrades, and database upgrades.)

Refresh and migrate data between instances and data centers

We will develop one-time or recurring procedures for the exchange of data between databases managed by Rackspace. Additional licensing fees may apply if special tools are required.

Point-in-time recovery

We can restore your systems to a specified point in time constrained by the limits of your architecture.

Troubleshooting DBAdministrator DBArchitect
Availability issues in production

Our team is available 24x7x365 to help respond to downtime events and performance degradations.

Database backup issues

We work with storage and backup engineers to resolve issues with the restore or backup systems.

In-depth incident retrospectives

Upon request, we will investigate database related incidents and provide guidance on how to mitigate or avoid such incidents in the future.

Performance tuning and diagnostics

We help you identify optimizations, upgrades, or changes that can help your database achieve better and more consistent performance. (Additional license fees may apply.)

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