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Provides real-time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations.


Migrate from an on-premises customer environment to a cloud model for more efficient deployments and scalability.


Coupling recommendations from the Rackspace DevOps Accelerator engagement with expert advice from Rackspace applications specialists, TotalTrax deployed FAWS and integrated cloud-based containers to manage customer deployments faster and automate processes.

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Infrastructure, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Migration, Professional Services, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About the Customer

Fast-growing telematics developer leverages container architecture to maximize both availability and scalability.

We realized we couldn’t just lift and shift the application into the cloud because it wouldn’t be scalable. We needed a way that we could reconfigure our application so that it could scale with growth as we added new customers.

Ryan Fauth
Production Software Engineer, TotalTrax

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