Customer Stories: Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Our Customer

Rip Curl is one of the biggest names in surf apparel, with a 45-year history of designing innovative products “for surfers, by surfers”. Their latest creation, the SearchGPS watch, allows surfers to capture and store data from each surf session, to track their performance over time, and to compare stats with friends and professional surfers around the world via a fully-integrated social network.

The Obstacles They Faced

Developing the groundbreaking technology behind the SearchGPS watch was a huge creative and technical challenge. With their partners at the digital agency VML, Rip Curl had to figure out how to use raw data to define and visualize a surf session. Once they had a working model, they had to consider scale, backend data management, and how to prepare for a massive influx of data as more and more surfers begin to use this groundbreaking new product.

What We Achieved Together

From the first stages of testing, with prototypes in the hands of 200 surfers around the world, in was clear that the SearchGPS would disrupt the world of surfing completely. Test surfers have reported that the ability to record and compare stats adds a new level of competition and goal-setting that is highly motivational.

How We Helped


Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud


OpenStack Public Cloud

The success of the product absolutely depends on the customer experience, and if there were a problem with the backend data, the speed and reliability of it, the product would fall over. We needed a partner like Rackspace because reliability and speed were critically important.

Shane Helm
Global Chairman of Watches & Equipment Division, Rip Curl
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