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Online payment platform.


PCI compliance was paramount for PayDock.


The PayDock payment platform is very agile, robust and PCI compliant - allowing hundreds of thousands of records to be queried in a few milliseconds.


Managed Hosting, Public Cloud, Fanatical Support for AWS

About the Customer

PayDock takes away payment pain, enables business and not-for-profits to increase revenue - all without disruptive and expensive switching effort. Founded in Australia, PayDock is the result of over a decade of analysis and hard work learning payment needs and opportunities within digital strategy. The PayDock payment platform lets you take payments the way you want, take advantage of new services and grow your business without being trapped. PayDock reduces cost, increases conversions and opens up new possibilities of customer engagement.

"When it comes to PCI compliance, that's a big deal for PayDock - it's a big deal to our customers when it comes to protecting card data. Working with Rackspace enabled us to talk to a wealth of internal expertise when it comes to systems security and payment security. Rackspace has really high-end experts."

Rob Lincolne

CEO, PayDock

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