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Meter Feeder

Meter Feeder


The Meter Feeder app makes it easy to pay for parking from you Smart Phone.


Eliminating the pain of finding and paying for parking – the Meter Feeder app needed a host that could provide a managed Cloud server infrastructure and MongoDB solution.


Rackspace manages running the server infrastructure affording the Meter Feeder team focus on building the business and refining the app.


Rackspace Managed Cloud, ObjectRocket

About the Customer

Meter Feeder is a product of Onelife Media, a software company based in Pittsburgh, PA, with 30+ years of combined software and product development experience focusing on Mobile, Commerce, Media, Medical, and Security. The Meter Feeder app makes it easy to pay for parking from you Smart Phone with participating parking meter companies. Local businesses can validate customer parking through the Meter Feeder validation tools, providing customers the treatment they expect from larger companies with dedicated parking lots.

"There aren’t very many other companies that have a turnkey, scalable solution like ObjectRocket. We just simply create an account, log in, and we are able to create a replication set in minutes."

James Gibbs

Co-founder & President, Meter Feeder

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