Customer Stories: loveholidays


Our Customer

loveholidays is one of the UK’s fastest growing online travel agents, specializing in bespoke search and filter features that are finely tuned to customer needs. With an expanding user base, the business is focused on using technology to rapidly innovate to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the curve. This modernization has seen loveholidays take first place in the Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 for 2019.

The Obstacles They Faced

While loveholidays’ business success lies in its ability to quickly respond to customer trends, its legacy infrastructure was holding it back, and limited development environments meant teams often had to compromise on agility. A growing user base and fluctuating traffic loads were putting the previous infrastructure under strain, so the cloud migration project required careful navigation as downtime and disruption simply weren’t an option.

What We Achieved Together

Rackspace helped loveholidays with its migration to Google Cloud, designing a scalable base to support greater product development while minimizing the risk of losing velocity. loveholidays was guided by Rackspace’s expertise in the platform from the outset of the project, which helped a team under time pressure and with no previous experience running Google Cloud to accelerate the value driven to the business.

Google Cloud Products Used

Google Compute Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

Cloud SQL


How We Helped


Managed Public Cloud


Google Cloud, Kubernetes

“We’re a very technical team, but we can’t start from zero. Rackspace was instrumental in bootstrapping a process that we could run with – it’s a true partnership. The architecture and design are still paying off dividends.”


Jesse McLaughlin
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