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Digital creative user experience, web design, and content agency.


Improve operations, increase scalability and availability and deliver a smoother, high-performance end-user experience.


High-performance site infrastructure, flexibility, consistent uptime and faster deployment.

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How We Helped Loud&Clear


Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About the Customer

Founded in 2009, the Melbourne-based Digital agency Loud&Clear helps global brands, large companies and innovative startups communicate to multiple media platforms, in ways that are relevant to their key audiences. Striving to become Australia’s leading digital agency by 2020, Loud&Clear has already grown from three to 50 employees, expanding its presence into Europe as well.

Rackspace’s DevOps Automation Service has helped make our application smarter, there’s no doubt about that. It allows us to scale up from 3 instances up to 150 instances. It makes our application self-healing, which frees us to build features, and otherwise focus on delighting customers with things that have never been done before.

Ben Beath
Head of Digital, Loud&Clear

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