Customer Stories: Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott

Our Customer

Austin-based fashion accessory brand with wholesale, retail and online revenue streams.

The Obstacles They Faced

Address heavy site load and traffic fluctuation as brand experiences rapid growth.

What We Achieved Together

Deliver speed, scale and flexibility to address peak workloads and planned site growth.

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How We Helped


Ecommerce Hosting, Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Virtualization, Web Content Management


Dedicated Servers, Magento, Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, VMware

If you are truly growing an ecommerce business, and it’s important that you are able to scale and have solid performance; if there’s ever an issue, you need to just be able to pick up the phone and have somebody support you, or just need to be able to pick their brain if you have a issue or question — that’s the reason you need to go with Rackspace.

Tria Foster
VP of Ecommerce & Loyalty, Kendra Scott Design
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