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eLearning program used by millions of students and educators around the world for reading in English and Spanish as well as math.


The original Istation on premise hosting solution was not able to scale with tremendous user growth – persuading the company to research a managed, dedicated hosting solution.


By deploying a managed hosting solution with Rackspace, Istation has been able to scale up to millions of students using the company’s reading and math programs.


Dedicated Servers, Custom Networking, Data Storage, OpenStack Public Cloud, Security

About the Customer

Istation (aka Imagination Station) is an award-winning, comprehensive eLearning program used by millions of students and educators around the world. Known for its accurate computer-adaptive assessments (known as ISIP™), engaging curriculum, and trusted teacher tools, Istation helps students in prekindergarten-8th grade achieve academic growth. Istation instruction is available for Reading, Reading in Español, and Math.

“Istation has gotten tremendous cost benefits from our relationship with Rackspace. As a matter of fact, our cost-per-student-severed went down to about a quarter of what it originally was before we started moving into Rackspace.”

Bill Lowery

CTO, Istation

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