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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga


DDP Yoga is a fitness and lifestyle program, retail line, and online services focused around the health benefits of yoga.


Serving more than 56,000 unique visitors without delays, and maintaining a cutting-edge, reliable platform that supports a steady increase of traffic and customers.


Deliver a consistently reliable, always on, responsive customer experience for DDP Yoga customers, allowing DDP Yoga to lower costs and focus on their application to increase revenue.

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Rackspace Managed Cloud, Cloud Servers,  Cloud Files,  Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud Monitoring

About the Customer

Founded in 1998 by former three times WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga provides a convenient, holistic fitness and lifestyle program and online community centered on the benefits of yoga. The company markets a unique fitness system combining yoga with other exercise and wellness practices online.

"I would recommend Rackspace to any company whose business is online and it’s critical that their web application stays up and it’s reliable.  We had to move to Rackspace because our company was growing so quickly and since we’ve done that, we’ve grown even more."

Steve Yu

President, DDP Yoga

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