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Calzado Andrea

Calzado Andrea


Andrea began as a small cobbler shop for women’s footwear, distributing footwear to different shoe retailers in Mexico. They changed their distribution channel to remove the intermediary and now offer their footwear directly to the consumer through catalogue purchases.


Calzado Andrea had to keep pace with new IT requirements that required their catalogue of products to be available online. They did not have enough bandwidth on their website to offer this digital catalogue to their network of sellers.


With the help from Rackspace, Calzado Andrea now has their product catalogue available digitally through their website. Guillermo Carlín, Manager of IT infrastructure explained that he loves the Rackspace commitment to serving customers in their language through Rackers that understand customer pain points and culture. Rackspace is important to the future of Andrea and they have a lot of confidence in Rackspace support and consulting.


Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

Calzado Andrea focuses on bringing consumers shoes, apparel and accessories through catalogue purchases and has 100 branches across Mexico and the United States.

"What we have enjoyed the most is that [Rackspace] cares about service...and has a division that supports us in Spanish."

Guillermo Carlín, IT Infrastructure Manager, Calzado Andrea

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