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Our Customer

AutoPets is an innovative pet care company working to make pet care more enjoyable and convenient through the development of highly functional, IoT-connected pet products — such as its iconic Litter-Robot™ Connect.

The Obstacles They Faced

Facing issues related to onboarding new customers and struggling with unacceptably low mobile application speed and reliability, AutoPets needed an infrastructure overhaul before a critical new mobile app launch.

What We Achieved Together

By leveraging Onica’s AWS expertise, AutoPets increased its product reliability and scalability, while lowering its operating costs.

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How We Helped


Application Services, IT Transformation, Professional Services - Cloud Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“We view Onica as our software technology partner. Onica is helping to develop our software technology and mobile products, which are used by pet owners around the world. Six months into the partnership and we’re increasingly satisfied.”

Jacob Zuppke

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