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Comprehensive DDoS protection and mitigation

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks attempt to deny legitimate users access to your systems or networks by overwhelming them with bogus requests. They target important resources, like network bandwidth, server sockets, web server threads, and CPU utilization.

DDoS Mitigation helps maintain availability for your Managed Hosting services through a unique hardware-based protection system. It combines two powerful alerting technologies to identify an attack (network-level packet scanning and server-level anomaly detection) and then precision elimination of DDoS traffic to mitigate its effects.

Avoid downtime

Identify and filter hostile traffic 24x7x365 with layered protection built using multiple technologies for the most comprehensive protection.

Offload DDoS processing

Keep your infrastructure resources focused on business workloads by offloading DDoS processing to our mitigation hardware.

Immediate response

When our network security team is alerted to an ongoing or imminent DDoS attack, they immediately initiate mitigation measures and contact you.

Backed by security specialists. During initial setup, a security engineer works with you to set up your DDoS solution. After that, our system continually tunes your server profiles for peak performance. If you ever have questions or need help, security specialists are available to provide Fanatical Support®—24x7x365.


Non-intrusive protection

Get the robust, multi-layered protection needed to mitigate today's advanced DDoS attacks—without upgrades or changes to your architecture. Our system works independently from your production infrastructure.

Network-level traffic analysis

Sophisticated detection technology, capable of handling tens-of-millions of packets per second, examines all incoming packets for patterns of malicious activity.

Server-level anomaly detection

Continuous monitoring compares current traffic to a custom profile of your server's "normal" network and port behavior. Anomalous behaviors immediately trigger an alert to our network security team.

Packet filtering and rerouting

When suspicious traffic is detected, your traffic is routed through a sanitation engine that filters out and diverts malicious traffic. All legitimate traffic continues to its intended destination.


Subscribe to get proactive protection that identifies attacks with the first hostile packet (12-month contract required). Also available on demand, if an attack is under way.

Subscription On Demand
Proactive protection against potential attacks Protection activated if a security event is under way
One-time set-up fee

Includes expert set-up and custom tuning

Monthly fee

Includes periodic fine-tuning by security experts

Includes the first 30 days of DDos Mitigation

Option to upgrade to subscription service after 30 days with no set-up fee

IP Monitoring Up to 100 IP entries Only IPs currently under attack
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Get robust protection from DDoS attacks.