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Cloud Sites is the #1 WordPress hosting provider

WordPress powers nearly 20% of the top 10 million websites. Even large, high-profile companies are adopting the platform for their content-rich websites.

Cloud Sites hosts over 100,000 WordPress sites — more than any other hosting provider. Large enterprises, web design agencies and small companies choose our platform because they know they'll get reliable performance, high-touch support and a safe hosting environment.

Starting at $150/mo

Quickly host unlimited WordPress sites from one account

Fully managed

We manage the platform, so you can focus on developing your site. That includes everything below your application — from hardware to networking and backend security.

Five-minute deployments

Sign up, add your domain and choose your features. Within 5 minutes, you'll have access to your site and a huge variety of WordPress plugins.

Unlimited domains

Host unlimited websites on a single account. With 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth and 10,000 compute cycles per month, you can spin up a lot of sites!

Fanatical Support® any time you need it. Our specialists are available by phone 24x7x365, and they all have at least Level 2 expertise (so you never get thrown into a general queue). They're empowered to solve your problems, and own your issue until it's resolved. Because we host so many WordPress sites, we've probably seen your issue before and can fix it fast.

Top features

SSO access

Whether you manage two sites or hundreds, you can access them all with a single sign on (SSO) — and see everything in an integrated view.

Built to scale

When traffic spikes, Cloud Sites automatically scales with it — so response times and page loads don't slow down. That means your visitors always have a great experience.

Continuously monitored

Proactive monitoring by specialists means we quickly identify issues and take immediate action. That includes identifying potentially illegitimate traffic, like DDoS attacks.

Easy to grow

Today, you may need simple web hosting — but what about next month or next year? Easily add robust technologies at any time.


Compute Cycles Storage Bandwidth Domains Price
10,000 50GB 500GB UNLIMITED Starting at $150/mo

Need More

Storage Bandwidth Compute Cycles SSL Capabilities Domain Registrations
$2/GB 18¢/GB 2¢/cycle $20/mo Starting at $10/year

Get fully managed, reliable web hosting with 24x7x365 support.

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