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Gain more flexibility for your infrastructure

Based on the OpenStack® Glance project, Cloud Images lets you use a RESTful API to discover, import, export, and share images of your Cloud Servers. Having portable images gives you more control and flexibility for building and deploying your applications in the cloud.







Share images

Image sharing is great for developers, small businesses, and large enterprises with multiple Rackspace cloud accounts. If you work in the IT department of a large enterprise, you want to ensure that everyone in your organization uses a standard configuration. Cloud Images lets you easily create a golden image to share with all users within your company. If you're a developer and want other users to test your application, you can save them time by sharing your image via Cloud Images, enabling others to quickly deploy and test your application.

  • Use our Control Panel or the API to easily share your image with any other user who'd like to consume it.
  • Once the consumer accepts your shared image, it will appear in his or her image list, either in the Control Panel or as a result of the List Images API command.
  • The consumer can then use this image to create a Cloud Server, even though the image is not stored in his or her account.

Import and export images

Take advantage of the scalability of the open cloud when you need it, and avoid vendor lock-in. Cloud Images lets you easily move workloads across environments—to and from Rackspace public cloud regions, your Rackspace Private Cloud, or even another OpenStack cloud provider.

For example, you can build your application on the Rackspace Private Cloud, and "burst" capacity to Cloud Servers during times of high demand. This lets you quickly create Cloud Servers without having to start from a base operating system image.

Importing and exporting images works in conjunction with Cloud Files:

  • To import an image, simply upload it to Cloud Files, then use the API to import it into your image library.
  • To export an image, use the API to designate the image you need to export, and it is copied into your Cloud Files.

Certain images may not be available for export due to licensing or billing restrictions. Contact us if you have questions about whether your image is exportable.


Image storage in
Cloud Files

  • There is no charge to share, export, or import images.
  • When you share an image with another user, the person you share with does not pay for storage. (As the image owner, you pay the regular image storage fee.)
  • When you import an image, you pay to store the imported image in Cloud Files.
  • When you export an image, you pay for outgoing bandwidth to download the image, and you pay to store the image in Cloud Files.

Learn more about our public cloud pricing.

How to get started

Step 1

Sign up

Create a cloud account or sign in to your existing account.

Step 2

Create or import an image

To create a new image in the Control Panel, click Create Image. To import an existing image, use the API.

Step 3

Create servers, share, or export

It’s simple using our RESTful API. View the Cloud Images API documentation.

Get a cloud account to start sharing, importing, and exporting Cloud Images.

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