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General features

DNS promotion & management

Experience fast DNS propagation across global infrastructure, including multiple regional access endpoints. Manage mail servers, zone delegation, and SPF records while you create multiple nested subdomains.


Receive instant verification that Cloud DNS infrastructure is available, along with confirmation, support, and troubleshooting tips for crucial DNS details.


Using the API, you can import a domain from external providers using a valid bind9-formatted zone file. Similarly, you can export domain information to a bind9-formatted file. (To export zone files from MyRackspace.com to Cloud DNS, contact Support to request a domain transfer from dedicated resources to cloud resources.)


API guidance

The API Developer Guide can help you create, configure, or delete your domains and records. With chat, phone, and ticket support available 24x7x365, you'll receive guidance for which API calls you should use, in addition to help with API documentation. We also have an active, moderated Developer Community and Knowledge Center with tips on how to get started.


Multiple records

You can create a wide range of record types, including:

  • A
  • MX
  • AAAA
  • NS
  • TXT
  • SRV
  • PTR (Reverse DNS)
  • SOA (SOA records are handled by the system, but you can modify the TTL and email address.)

Cloud DNS also supports DKIM and SPF records through formatting TXT records with custom attributes indicating the record type. We do not currently support the SPF RR type as defined in RFC 7208.

Optimized updates

Update the default time to live (TTL) and resource record TTL values. (When a domain or record is created and no TTL is specified, a default value of 3600 seconds is used. When you supply the domain or record TTL in a create or update operation, the specified TTL values must be 300 seconds or more.)

Choose your domain

Delegate a domain or subdomain to a name server that's not hosted on Rackspace infrastructure.

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