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General Features

Consistent performance

Demanding apps require consistent, reliable performance. Cloud Block Storage delivers top-of-line performance for I/O-intensive apps.

Standard or SSD volumes

Choose standard volume for everyday file system needs or solid-state drive (SSD) for high-demand applications. Both standard and SSD volumes work with all classes of next gen and OnMetal Cloud Servers.

Download the Performance Benchmark Report to compare EXT3, EXT4, and XFS file system performance on Standard and SSD volumes.

Faster data

Cloud Block Storage connects to virtual and OnMetal Cloud Servers (excluding Standard flavors) by a 10GbE internal network connection, providing fast performance that both you and your users can count on.

Simple API

RESTful web service interface

Easily provision and partition block storage across your Cloud Servers using a simple RESTful API.

Complete documentation

Access our Getting Started Guide and our Developer Guide at our Documentation site.

Based on open standards

We built Cloud Block Storage using the OpenStack® platform, so you have greater freedom to move your infrastructure in the future.


Customer support includes:

  • Chat, phone, and ticket support available 24x7x365
  • Access to the Rackspace Community
  • Basic guidance for which API calls you should use
  • Authentication troubleshooting and verification
  • Basic guidance for setting up and managing volumes from the Control Panel
  • Verification that Cloud Block Storage infrastructure is available
  • Verification and confirmation of volume details
  • Creating, configuring, and deleting volumes (included with managed cloud)

Get reliable block storage with Fanatical Support®.

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