Straits Interactive leverages AI to improve data privacy and governance

By democratizing access to data privacy information, Straits Interactive has revolutionized the way organizations understand and comply with regulations.

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Straits Interactive needed an AI solution that could understand queries in natural language and provide concise, accurate responses, allowing employees to access data privacy information without a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

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“We approached numerous companies, but Rackspace was one of the first companies that came back to us with a real sense of dedication behind the project and putting the right people behind us,”
Sam Williams, Head of Innovation and Platform Development, Straits Interactive

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Our customer

Straits Interactive is dedicated to offering sustainable solutions for data governance, which play a vital role in establishing trust in today's data-centric world. It focuses on delivering comprehensive expertise, consultancy services and structured pathways for achieving excellence in data protection and governance.

Straits Interactive’s hands-on advisory services, combined with software as-a-service solutions, help reduce risk and create value from data to help its organizations achieve their digitalization and innovation objectives.

The obstacles they faced

Straits Interactive's existing software, Capabara, allowed users to access data privacy information and summarize complex legal texts. But the output needed to be interpreted by trained data privacy experts. Going forward, Straits Interactive wanted to democratize this knowledge by making the software accessible to all employees without the need of a data privacy expert — using the first AI DPO.

“Right now in Asia, because a lot of the data protection laws are very new, the culture of protecting data isn’t there,” explains Kevin Shepherdson, CEO at Straits Interactive. “We wanted to use generative AI to make it easy for anyone to understand how to apply the requirements of the law. So we wanted to create an easy-to-use AI assistant so that anyone who's got questions about law itself, the AI is at hand to answer these questions.”

Ideally, users can query the information and receive a clear summary while the AI DPO takes regional context into consideration, a domain Straits Interactive already had deep expertise in.

In its attempt to secure a partner to support its technology management needs, Straits Interactive met with several vendors over the course of more than two months. After coming up short, its team asked Microsoft®, who recommended the Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™).

“We approached numerous companies, but Rackspace was one of the first companies that came back to us with a real sense of dedication behind the project and putting the right people behind us,” recalls Sam Williams, Head of Innovation and Platform Development at Straits Interactive.

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How we helped

After a demonstration of the FAIR Rack-Bot, Straits Interactive felt that FAIR could deliver the solution it needed. Straits Interactive already has a team full of experienced engineers with application development knowledge. What it needed was a trusted partner with generative AI experience to work alongside its team to deploy that feature on its already impressive application.

“Rackspace had already developed their Rack-Bot,“ explains Williams. “So that meant that we could leapfrog a little, and get further on with our projects without having as many unknowns. The technology is so new for so many people, it just meant that we didn’t have to go with other companies that didn't have as much development behind them.”

By leveraging the latest advances in generative AI, FAIR helped Straits Interactive create an AI-based DPO assistant to guide global data governance and compliance. This AI application can be deployed across multiple systems and includes infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD frameworks. FAIR embedded generative AI into the Straits Interactive’s application, allowing it to offer a pre-indexed information package to its customers.

“ChatGPT works off base content, but Rackspace helped us train our own specific content, our own data sets of data protection laws, so that we could enable chatbots to answer complex questions 24x7,” explains Shepherdson.

What we achieved together

From understanding region-specific privacy laws to the differences between regulations in different countries, the shift from manual processes to an AI-driven solution led Straits Interactive to a significant leap in DPO efficiency.

“As we started, the relationship grew between ourselves and their team. We managed to sit down with the technical guys and we bounced our ideas of what we knew and what they knew together and what we needed to take it on to the next level for our iteration. So this was great. It gave us a sense of learning on both sides. And it brought the whole project together, because we became one unified team.”

Straits Interactive aims to be at the forefront of using AI to further its business and is working with FAIR to become leaders in data privacy uses.

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