Sharestates’ smooth transition to AWS infrastructure delivers improved user experience and optimizes operations

This real estate lending and investing marketplace modernized its database, enhanced security and accelerated system responsiveness.

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Modernize legacy infrastructure to optimize performance and security, improve scalability and adopt new technologies.

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Sharestates, an online real estate lending and investing marketplace based in Great Neck, NY, offers investors access to institutional-quality real estate investments through its online marketplace. Since its 2014 founding, the company has funded more than $3 billion in projects nationwide. Sharestates' achievements are rooted in its experienced leadership team, prudent underwriting practices and focus on building strong relationships with borrowers and brokers.

Sharestates' platform allows accredited investors to participate in commercial mortgage investments with as little as $5,000 and receive monthly interest payments. Registered borrowers submit detailed information about the properties including text files, photos and video which are reviewed as part of the investor’s due diligence process. The system connects the two parties, and borrowers can log into a portal to track loan requests, monitor loans and manage payments. The entire process is data intensive, and the platform must be highly responsive, able to access this data quickly as investors review many properties.

“I highly recommend to anyone that’s going to make this move to use Rackspace Technology because it makes things a lot easier. They’ve done it, they know what to do and they will walk you through it.”
Radni Davoodi, CTO and Co-founder, Sharestates
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The obstacles they faced

To align with future growth goals and enhance infrastructure, Sharestates strategically decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This move aimed to improve customer experience with faster response time, optimize operations with faster access to internal and external systems, improve scalability and provide the company access to the latest cloud technologies and best practices.

“We had a very good experience with Rackspace Technology,” said Radni Davoodi, CTO and Co-founder of Sharestates. “So when we found out that they were willing to not only help us migrate and map everything out for us, but also stay to monitor and support us, it was a no-brainer.”

"Over the past few years, we knew that AI was coming down the pike,” said Davoodi. “We knew we wanted to go mobile, we knew how important remote working would become based on the experience with the pandemic. We concluded that we needed to be fully operational in the cloud."

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"Our goal has always been to connect investors and borrowers in a streamlined process. This move is going to allow us to take our platform to a mobile environment, keep up with our competitors' technology and stay at the forefront of the commercial real estate lending industry."

Radni Davoodi, CTO and Co-founder, Sharestates
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How we helped

Sharestates chose AWS for its cost-effectiveness, industry adoption and redundancy capabilities. Rackspace Technology connected Sharestates with an AWS representative early on, enabling the company to secure AWS funding and cost savings.

Rackspace recommended a single-phase migration, allowing the transition to be completed over a weekend without downtime. Using the Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS (LZA), the Rackspace team deployed a secure and compliant landing zone in less than two weeks, providing a solid foundation for Sharestates' AWS environment.

The migration team utilized various tools and services, including AWS Application Migration Service and proprietary scripts to efficiently migrate Sharestates' 3TB of data across 11 servers, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.

During the migration process, Rackspace identified and addressed potential vulnerabilities by implementing proper security groups, network access controls and monitoring to safeguard sensitive data. It also upgraded outdated and unsupported database versions, refactoring database schemas and queries to resolve compatibility issues.

Using infrastructure-as-code, Rackspace efficiently deployed a consistent infrastructure within the landing zone set up by the LZA. The team leveraged managed database services to provide automated backups, patching and monitoring, delivering a reliable and scalable environment for Sharestates' databases.

One significant upgrade was the migration of the Maria DB instance on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), which optimized Sharestates' database performance, resulting in faster speeds and improved performance for extensive reports and large data pulls. Rackspace performed the migration by writing custom scripts to transfer the data.

"Once we did the migration, we felt this was the right 'next step' because we wanted to just build a foundation the right way," said Davoodi. "With the Rackspace team recommending it and our internal tech teams agreeing that it's the right time to do it, we then decided to move it, upgrade it, optimize it."

The move has simplified the deployment of new services and infrastructure for Sharestates, as many third-party providers build systems and APIs specifically for AWS, enabling faster integration and the development of new features.

"After the optimization, we realized that things were going a lot faster, and many of the reporting problems that we were experiencing from time to time were resolved," Davoodi said. "It improved not only our internal experiences but also the external experiences for our users."

Sharestates now relies on Modern Operations to provide post-migration support for its internal team. “It is helping our internal team to know that there’s somebody there to rely on in case we can’t figure it out,” said Davoodi. “That allows us to keep pushing and then know that we can always come back for guidance if necessary.”

These enhancements positioned Sharestates favorably within the financial technology community, particularly in terms of integrating third-party tools and developing new features that could provide a competitive edge.

"Our goal has always been to connect investors and borrowers in a streamlined process,” Davoodi said. “Looking ahead, this move is going to allow us to take our platform to a mobile environment, keep up with our competitors' technology and stay at the forefront of the commercial real estate lending industry."

Sharestates completed its migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over a weekend with zero downtime.

What we achieved together

The migration to AWS has modernized Sharestates' infrastructure, enhancing security and efficiency through a three-pronged approach: AWS provides a secure foundation, Rackspace Technology offers additional monitoring and Sharestates maintains its own internal system.

The transition was a significant milestone for Sharestates, and the Rackspace team played a crucial role in helping to ensure a smooth process. The comprehensive documentation provided by the Rackspace team served as a valuable resource for Davoodi to communicate the changes and gain necessary approvals.

"The Rackspace team mapped everything so brilliantly, that anybody could follow it very easily and see where everything is set up," said Davoodi. "It was almost like a roadmap, or a cheat sheet. It made my life easier to be the person signing off on things."

“Since the migration, Sharestates has been actively working to leverage the benefits of AWS,” Davoodi said. “We have seen several improvements:

  • Faster user interface experience by investors
  • Improved internal reporting experience by staff
  • Faster processing speed by borrowers
  • Improved performance of web application modules by all users
  • Improved banking transfer processing speed

We have really tried to maximize everything that AWS offers,” he added. “Our new tech team has really pushed almost all the integrations that are available to us through AWS."

The database upgrade and cloud infrastructure deployment will continue to provide value for Sharestates as the company adapts to future business needs.

“We are looking into doing certain things for the application that we weren’t expecting to be able to accomplish,” said Davoodi. “We can do this in a much more efficient and cost-effective way because we have an optimized database and AWS infrastructure. Those two things are allowing us to give a great user experience to our clients. We hope that we can continue to develop and improve and keep building things with the help of Rackspace Technology, AWS and our tech team to cater to our industry.”

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