What Does Marketing Cloud Include? [Infographic]

By k booth -

What Does Marketing Cloud Include? [Infographic]

Have you heard the phrase “Marketing Cloud” used to refer to different Salesforce tools? Not sure whether tools like “Audience Studio” and “Social Studio” are part of Marketing Cloud or not?

We’re here to clear up any confusion.

In the Salesforce ecosystem, there are two things referred to as Marketing Cloud: 

  1. A suite of products, which we call Marketing Cloud (The Suite), that support marketing teams — such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Social Studio, Datorama, and more. These products can be integrated with each other and with your CRM to boost your marketing efforts and help you gain a 360-degree view of your customer. 
  2. A product within that suite, which we call Marketing Cloud (The Platform) — a powerful multi-channel marketing automation platform (MAP) that your organization can use to automate and elevate your marketing efforts.

To help reduce confusion around the suite and the platform, we like to use a department store analogy to conceptualize Salesforce’s marketing offerings. We created an infographic to visualize this, showing where Marketing Cloud (The Suite) and Marketing Cloud (The Platform) fit in the Salesforce ecosystem, and what’s included in each one.

To see this analogy in action and get a break down of what’s included in Marketing Cloud, check out our full infographic below.

What Does Marketing Cloud Include?

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