Unleashing the Power of Observability

by Mark Porter, Channel Account Manager, AppDynamics

a man looking at screen with the world in the background


The power of cloud computing has amazed us all, enabling advancements in robotics, medicine and commerce. However, IT environments are more interrelated and codependent than ever in this multicloud world. The modern IT stack has become an entangled root system of dispersed datacenters and remains far too reliant on manual supervision. With this new global cloud landscape comes a broader and deeper IT stack to monitor and maintain.

When things do go wrong, identifying the problem is, at times, the hardest part of finding the solution. The problem could be related to the network, application, user device or any number of endpoints in between. With hybrid work becoming commonplace, gathering lieutenants in the war room when a process is down has lost velocity, and almost always draws self-exonerating statements.

Teams need the ability to monitor everything, everywhere, all at once with AppDynamics as a core component of the Cisco full-stack observability solution. Full-stack observability enables all stakeholders to speak the same language and focus attention on lowering a key KPI, Mean Time to Identification (MTTI).

Using detailed application maps, as seen below, AppDynamics can detect a variable that’s performing sub-optimally before internal teams or end users become aware. By providing complete visibility across the technology stack, full-stack observability pinpoints the problem within a tech ecosystem down to a single line of code, freeing teams from the war room and allowing automated fixes to solve the problem before anyone even gets a notification.

The heightened visibility provided by AppDynamics and the multicloud expertise of Rackspace Technology combine to support you from modernization to optimization in the cloud. Together, we help you maintain business continuity throughout your transformation and update initiatives, while helping you align your teams for success.

The combination of Rackspace Technology and AppDynamics makes a difference in business performance. Despite GDP increasing at an annual rate of 3.2% in Q3 and an advanced estimate of 2.9% in Q4 in the U.S.A., economists have a mixed outlook and organizations still need to be strategic about their spending. Full-stack observability highlights the most profitable business processes and flags those that need to be optimized for efficiency to save money.

If your organization has a mission-critical application that you think is not living up to its potential, contact a Rackspace Technology representative to get a free test. Our engineers will run a two-week performance monitoring trial and measure against your specific business KPIs. Get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language to diminish downtime, accelerate innovation, and take the stress out of managing your tech stack.

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