Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Email Secure with Office 365 [Infographic]

By kacelacombe -

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Email Secure with Office 365 [Infographic]

For most businesses these days, email is almost always the single point of communication and collaboration. And while email is a necessary tool for businesses, it can also make sensitive information and confidential data vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Running your business means you’re operating around the clock, but unfortunately, cybercriminals are too. Internally, a small business simply doesn’t have the time or resources necessary to defend against these ever-growing threats.

At Rackspace, we know you’re dependent on reliable and efficient email that is also secure. And our Microsoft Office 365 offerings come with an uptime guarantee and have numerous built-in security measures such as encryption, premium antivirus and antispam software, customizable controlled access to confidential files and more. In addition to those secure email hosting options, our support team is available to your business 24x7x365 and backed by hundreds of Microsoft certified specialists.

Whether you need to protect your company from potential insider threats or your organizations faces strict regulatory compliance requirements, Office 365 at Rackspace has a variety of security offerings to keep your business up and running and protected.

Want to learn more? Visit Rackspace to find out more about ways we can help protect your business, and check out the infographic below for the top five ways Office 365 at Rackspace is built to keep your email secure: