The Benefits of Open Source: Red Hat Summit 2018

By elenafullman -

The Benefits of Open Source: Red Hat Summit 2018

Join Rackspace experts to learn more about the possibilities and business benefits of open source IT solutions at this year’s Red Hat Summit May 8-10 in San Francisco.

Rackspace experts will be at booth #401, available to talk to customers about their needs and challenges, and share the experiences and insights we’ve gained as the world’s leading operator of open source private cloud.

Rackspace and Red Hat have been working together for more than a decade, including co-engineering the open-source solution Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat, which offers customers a single point of contact to deploy, manage and maintain their private cloud environment. That means you don’t have to purchase servers and employ internal support; instead your organization can move to a flexible OPEX model.

Not only that, with your infrastructure will be fully managed by OpenStack and Red Hat experts at Rackspace, meaning you don’t have to find, hire, and retain staff with specific OpenStack skills. Your developers can focus on quickly creating innovative applications and services for your business.

Rackspace and Red Hat work together to provide optimized, enterprise-hardened solution to customers. Watch to learn more about the customer benefits of Rackspace and Red Hat solutions:

Our relentless focus on creating customizable solutions that solve our customers’ thorniest challenges is in part what led Red Hat to name Rackspace the Innovator of the Year in its cloud infrastructure category at last year’s summit. Rackspace has also been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader In hosted private cloud. 

Rackspace Private Cloud also delivered the world’s first pay as you go private cloud, which offers the benefits of a public cloud in a private cloud environment. This agility is complimented with our flexible delivery model enabling cloud resources to be delivered wherever and whenever you need them: in your data centers, in Rackspace’s, or in colocation facilities around the world.

Red Hat Summit is around the corner, we look forward to seeing you. While you’re planning your schedule at Summit, make sure to stop by our speaking session and our booth.

Red Hat as-a-Service, by Kenny Johnson

Tues., May 8, 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m., Exhibit Hall

Kenny will discuss the customer advantages of Rackspace Private Cloud-as-a-service, including:

  • the benefits to enterprise IT,
  • Rackspace expertise and support deploying, managing and operating open-source clouds at scale, and
  • co-engineered and tested Red Hat integrated open-source offerings.

If you can’t make it this year but you’re interested in learning more about our integrated Red Hat solutions, sign up for a free architecture design session, during which you can discuss your organization’s unique challenges with one of our cloud experts. During the session, we will learn about your IT objectives and share solutions to achieve them.