Stellar customer experiences start with superior website performance

By Charlotte Colbert -

website performance

No one likes a slow website. If you serve customers through your website or web app, performance is crucial for maintaining a positive customer experience. During such a critical time, you can’t afford to have people leave your site because they’re tired of waiting.

According to Google, the average time to fully load a mobile landing page is 15 seconds. Yet, even a two-second delay can increase bounce rates by 103%. And almost 80% of shoppers are less likely to buy again from sites with poor website performance.

An improvement of even just a few hundred milliseconds can improve your bottom line:

  • For every 100 milliseconds of improved speed, Walmart and Amazon both observed a 1% increase in earnings.
  • For every 400 milliseconds of improved speed, Yahoo saw a 9% increase in traffic.
  • For every 100 milliseconds of improved speed, Mobify saw 1.11% increase in session-based conversion, yielding an average annual revenue increase of nearly $380,000.

Bottom line: faster site speed means more views, more conversions and more sales.

But when your IT resources are consumed with “keeping the lights on,” what can you do? Businesses are leaning hard right now on IT to equip their remote workforce. They’re responsible for making sure everyone has what they need to be productive. There’s no room left for managing application performance and keeping customers coming back.

It may be time to release your critical IT resources to keep your business moving forward, while our experts help keep your website and web apps running strong.

In as little as five days, the Rackspace team of Java & .NET experts can get your platforms running at optimum performance — across all major public clouds and dedicated environments. Our experts will provide strategic guidance, planning and implementation, plus day-to-day troubleshooting support, to drive improved performance and reliability.

Keep your customers engaged with a user experience that’s fast and responsive. We’ll get you there.  

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