Our 2019 Sitecore MVPs Turn Technical Expertise into High-Value Business Outcomes

By michaelroehricht -

Our 2019 Sitecore MVPs Turn Technical Expertise into High-Value Business Outcomes

Sitecore Experience Platform is an industry leader for a reason.

It offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, a holistic view of customer data and machine learning-generated insights to personalize experiences across channels.

With that level of sophistication, however, comes a certain amount of complexity. Managing your Sitecore platform on-premises means continual attention to planning, software patching, updating and monitoring.

Organizations seeking to preserve their IT resources for more innovative work look to Rackspace, the #1 Sitecore Platinum technology partner, to deliver solutions built for scalability, reliability and security.

Rackspace Sitecore MVPs

Today, we’re proud to announce three more reasons to use Rackspace: three of our longtime Sitecore experts have earned the Most Valuable Professional distinction for sharing their deep Sitecore expertise with others, in both online and offline Sitecore communities.

Sitecore Architects Grant Killian and Kelly Rusk, along with Senior Solution Architect Peter Petley represent our global team of skilled and dedicated Sitecore professionals, each with a consistent ability to translate complex technical requirements into high-value business outcomes.

This is the third consecutive year Killian has been named an MVP; you can read more about how customers leverage his expertise to drive business outcomes in this Q&A. Killian credits his work on enterprise Sitecore implementations over the years, overcoming technical challenges to make sure the platform performs optimally for customers for the multi-year recognition.

His team’s ability to work together to deliver a Fanatical Experience for customers is also key, he says: “Basically, after Peter meets with clients and assesses their business needs, I work with the team to build out the plan of action — then together we make it happen.”

Diving deep for customers

Rusk noted that Sitecore is a constantly evolving platform. “For example, we saw significant architectural changes to the xConnect layer and overall installation method for Sitecore with version 9. Diving deep into the Sitecore Installation Framework allowed us to gain a deep understanding of that new architecture and its impact on our customers. Working closely with Sitecore, we identified opportunities and gaps in the current installation tooling and shared those with the wider Sitecore community.”

Petley credits Killian and Rusk, along with the wider Rackspace Sitecore team, with enabling his ability to say yes to the customer.

“We can solve for the toughest challenges our customers present to us, designing just the right solution, because we’re able to combine our deep technical expertise with best practices and proven strategies to deliver best in class digital experiences to our customers.”

Here at Rackspace, we take a “Process First. Technology Second” approach. That means we start by listening to customers to understand not just their business priorities, but also where we can find efficiencies that will maximize their return on investment. This approach, coupled with our team’s deep technical expertise, helps us deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Learn more about how Rackspace’s eCommerce & Digital Experiences application services practice, and our Sitecore MVPs can help you deliver great digital experiences, and high-value business outcomes.