Security Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

By Shannon Enix -

woman works on laptop from home

Security Can’t Afford to Take a Back Seat

Unless your business was already prepared with a pressure-tested work-from-home strategy, you’ve likely had to make some security sacrifices lately. To stay productive, your employees may be using the family computer to manage sensitive business data. Or perhaps you’ve had to widen access rights so that employees can run business-critical applications remotely.

In times like these, relaxing your security standards can seem like a reasonable tradeoff, to keep your business moving forward. And the cyber-criminals are betting on exactly that. They’re out in full force, looking to make the most of this widespread vulnerability.

You need your remote workforce to be productive. That’s a given. But security still matters, perhaps more than ever. Here’s what it takes to have both:

  • Provide a way for your employees to securely access your network from outside the office, even on public networks (including your home’s unprotected Wi-Fi).
  • Even if you already have a VPN, you may want to consider adding multi-factor authentication, since passwords are notoriously insecure and easily captured by viruses and spyware.
  • Block employees from accessing and downloading content from malicious sites. (Coronavirus-themed phishing emails and texts are becoming particularly prevalent, as are those appearing to be from the World Health Organization.)
  • Identify threats before they impact your network by implementing intrusion prevention systems, malware protection, threat intelligence, etc.

But many businesses don’t have the IT resources to make this happen on their own. They need security now and don’t have time to wait.

Rackspace is here to help. We can configure and deploy the security solutions you need, across Microsoft® Azure®, VMware®, Google Cloud Platform™ and AWS — with 400+ network and security experts available to help you around the clock. This includes options to proactively defend your business against advanced cyber threats from our 24x7x365 global security operations center (SOC).

Some solutions can be deployed in just days, to even minutes. Talk with a Rackspace security specialist and get your business back to work, without sacrificing security. We’re here with you.