Getting Started with Security: Finding the Best Value for the Budget You Have


Getting Started with Security: Finding the Best Value for the Budget You Have

Every business needs to balance keeping costs in line and while getting the value it needs from products and services. But where to draw that line with security?

An evolving necessity, security is one of the most critical yet thorny issues organizations of all sizes must tackle.

Customers want to believe companies have the right security measures in place, but with each new devastating data breach, that faith is getting harder to maintain. And with the average breach costing companies upwards of $3.6 million, according to the Ponemon Institute's 2017 Cost of Data breach study, coupled with the loss of brand reputation and customers, businesses are really feeling the pressure to get their security in order — yet often with flat or even shrinking budgets.

Most small and medium sized business begin by running the risk of relying on security measures built into the systems, applications and resources they already have. But once the threat of a breach, loss of sensitive data or lack of compliance drives an organization to get serious about security, they’re faced with an overwhelming number of solutions to choose from.

Ranging from free tools that lack comprehensiveness and so require a business to field its own security experts to full-fledged solutions that provide the people, process and tools but risk breaking the bank, the middle ground can be hard to come by and navigate.

So how do you find the solution that works best for your organization, while still staying within your budget?

One way is to start with a business outcome. Are you missing the tools, but have the personnel? Vice versa? Or do you already have application security covered, but now need network security?

Rackspace sees many customers get stuck and frustrated trying to fill those gaps both affordably and comprehensively. Now, we can help.

We’ve developed what we’re calling Quickstart security solutions, for dedicated and AWS environments. Designed based on more than a decade of experience helping customers meet their security needs, Quickstart takes the pain out of finding, adopting and managing the resources and tools needed for the most common security concerns: application security, network security and compliance.

“The ability to easily deploy affordable security tools and enable compliance assistance for AWS is incredibly valuable to our customers,” said Ven Shanmugam, general manager of Fanatical Support for AWS at Rackspace. “One of the most common needs for customers moving to AWS is assistance with cloud security and compliance requirements.

Companies don’t need to figure out what tools they need to string together to address their most pressing security concern. Instead they can choose a solution based on a desired security outcome, leveraging a more turn-key solution to speed up the adoption process and start protecting their business — all while meeting budget requirements.

At the end of the day, security is about meeting the demands of your business while protecting your customers, stakeholders and brand. Finding the right solution to help you reach your objectives shouldn’t be complicated or leave you feeling like the risk of going without security is worth more than spending on a tailored security solution.

Learn more about Rackspace Managed Security Quickstart solutions and how we're helping businesses meet their security and compliance goals with tailored solutions include fully managed services, Quickstart solutions and tooling.