Rackspace Technology and Akamai Technologies Evolve Their Partnership With Elastic Engineering for Security

by Lisa Heritage McLin, Global Channel Chief & Alliances, Rackspace Technology

Elastic Engineering for Security

Transforming IT security operations for today’s cloud

As the worlds of IT and cloud continue to evolve at a blistering pace, many organizations are realizing that current support models don’t reflect the times. Traditional MSP models are unable to provide the flexibility required for modern cloud adoption. Organizations need more than support; they need help understanding how to scale their IT organization in an agile world, and how to build cloud expertise within their teams.

To facilitate these needs, we recently introduced Rackspace Elastic Engineering— our ‘do-with’ approach to cloud native transition that gives customers on-demand access to a dedicated pod of cloud engineers for help with any cloud project.

But getting to the cloud is one thing. Thriving in the cloud is another. And there is perhaps no aspect more important to accomplishing this goal than securing your operations. The constant evolution of cyberthreats, and the race for more sophisticated tools to combat them, has resulted in a security landscape that changes quickly. One wrong configuration can leave your web presence exposed to attack. To this end, Rackspace Technology offers Elastic Engineering for Security, an end-to-end digital transformation for security, modernizing business security strategy and cloud security operations.

Now, we’re excited to announce the next evolution of our partnership with one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, Akamai Technologies, to help deliver Elastic Engineering to all parts of the internet.

Rackspace Technology + Akamai | Better Together

Akamai is known the world over for its ability to accelerate data delivery for its customers with its revolutionary global content delivery network (CDN). With 325,000 servers in more than 135 countries, Akamai’s helped shape the internet as we know it, using cutting-edge caching to help bring the internet closer to where users are. Now we want to bring security to those same users. When you factor in Rackspace Technology’s renowned multicloud expertise across applications, data and security, it’s clear we’re set to offer the industry something it’s never seen before – an agile, proactive, end-to-end security service that continually improves your security posture. Some of the exciting benefits of Elastic Engineering for Security with Support for Akamai include:

  • The ability to architect, implement and manage Akamai solutions.
  • 24x7x365 health monitoring and runbook-based alert response for Akamai environments
  • Curated runbooks for rapid remediation around security events to minimize impacts
  • Ingesting support for Akamai alerts

Through this partnership, we’re able to leverage Akamai’s global reach and provide security services and support to companies everywhere. And with our Elastic Engineering support model, we can ensure that Akamai clients know how to use the optimized products that are available to them. Combine this with our optional Advanced Monitoring & Resolution service and you have unmatched support to help accelerate your cloud journey.

We’re so excited to show you how combining the strengths of Rackspace Technology and Akamai can transform cloud security. Get started by learning more about Rackspace Technology and our Elastic Engineering services.

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